ADIOS 1.2, preparing for the Xscale

Speaker: Dr. Scott Klasky, Oak Ridge National Lab


As we move closer to the Xscale, applications face numerous challenges that must be addressed before they can deliver breakthrough science. Two of the most pressing challenges we see from our fusion and combustion applications are 1: the use of accelerators to deliver scalable performance on the next generation computers, and 2: next generation I/O. In this talk we address the I/O issues that must be faced before breakthroughs can be achieved. Simply put, I/O will soon get worse for scientist, and without taking a new look at I/O, scientific insights will become even more difficult. ADIOS 1.2 is our collaborative step into viewing I/O from an application perspective, looking at I/O pipelines and I/O as an end to end problem for scientist. Our team is highly collaborative, and we encourage a greater participation to contribute to our project, as we push for Xscale and cloud computing. ADIOS 1.2 is open source, and available from ADIOS

Christiane A. Ludescher-Furth
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