Logistical Networking in Data Intensive Distributed Computing

Speaker: Professor Micah Beck, Computer Science University of Tennessee

Traditional networking (e.g. the Internet) implements a shared communication fabric that is used in Distributed Domputing environments (e.g. today's "Computational Grid") to tie together storage resources that reside at massive Data Centers. However, as scientific datasets has grown to terabytes, with petabytes an approaching reality, the need to manage data in transit as it flows between network endpoints is emerging as a real concern that is not addressed by conventional data managmeent tools. Logistical Networking is a new networking paradigm that enables users to express and control the location of data while it is in transit, using shared storage resources. As such, it represents an application of the principles and organizing principles of networking to storage resources, which are becoming cheap, dense and ubiquitously available. This talk will introduce the concepts and explain the basic mechanisms of Logistical Networking, and will explain how it is being used to apply new approaches to difficult problems in Data Intensive Distribute Computing environments.

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