A new CT-Godunov integration algorithm for ideal MHD

Speaker: Dr. Tom Gardiner, Astrophysics Dept., Princeton University

Title: A new CT-Godunov integration algorithm for ideal MHD


In recent years there has been an increased effort in constructing high order Godunov-type algorithms for solving the ideal MHD system of equations. This is motivated, in part, by their strong shock capturing and conservation properties which make them ideally suited for use in combination with adaptive mesh refinement. Such efforts, however, have traditionally met with difficulty owing to the divergence free constraint on the magnetic field.
Applying the method of Constrained Transport, we have constructed a second order accurate, conservative, unsplit, Godunov-type integration algorithm for MHD. In this talk I will describe the three basic elements of the integration algorithm: 1) the incorporation of MHD source terms in the PPM-type reconstruction procedure, 2) an upwind CT-algorithm for combining the Godunov fluxes to calculate the electric fields needed for CT and 3) the extension of the Corner Transport Upwind algorithm for MHD. I will present a variety of test calculations to demonstrate the accuracy and robustness of the integration algorithm, and highlight some problems to which it's currently being applied.
More details can be found at the following web page: http://www.astro.princeton.edu/~jstone/athena

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