End-to-End Computing for Petascale Simulations

Speaker: Dr. Scott Klasky, ORNL

Abstract: ORNL has embraced leadership-class computing, and has quickly become one of the leading institutions for the DOE and NSF for large scale computations. One of the most challenging problems associated with running on the large computers is dealing with the huge amounts of data that is generated. Researchers are quickly becoming overwhelmed with the daunting task, not only of running their simulations on 100K processors, but also of efficiently extracting and transporting the many TB's of data generated by the simulations, and analyzing this data, and share it with their colleagues in a timely manner. The impact of these challenges and the overall time to solution is only growing as computers are getting faster. In order to help address these challenges we have been developing a suite of software solutions, which are gaining acceptance by the largest codes that are part of the DOE open science.
Our suite of software solutions includes new API's (ADIOS) that allow for both MPI-IO and asynchronous I/O through Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), workflow automation using the Kepler workflow package, fast wide area data transfers, and dashboards that combine data management, provenance management, and data analysis for monitoring complex simulations. In this talk I introduce these solutions and will show how this technology is being used in several fusion SciDAC projects.

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