Numerical Techniques in Dusty Plasmas

Speaker: Samuel Lazerson of the University of Alaska

Simulations of large-scale dusty plasma phenomena require multi-fluid codes capable of treating their partially ionized nature. The Dust Electron Neutral Ion Self-consistent Integration Scheme (DENISIS) represents over a decade of development to that end. It has found great utility in understanding various dusty plasma processes (Kelvin-Helmholtz, Rayleigh-Taylor, Magnetic Reconnection). The next generation of dusty plasma fluid codes (nMHDust) seeks to expand upon DENISIS through the inclusion of ion inertial dynamics. The utility of these codes is demonstrated through a review of various simulation results, including the presenter's work involving magnetic reconnection as a chondrule heating mechanism. A comprehensive validation and testing methodology for these codes is presented. This program includes linear wave mode propagation, tests of source terms, and convergence testing.

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