Scientific, Modeling and Computational Challenges of Modeling from Gene to Disease

Physiome Sciences' mission is to help pharmaceutical companies develop better drugs faster through the use of biological simulations. In order to be useful, these must address processes ranging from the molecular to the clinical levels. Modeling such inherently complex and stochastic processes at such diverse scales creates many challenges. Data management, data analysis, modeling calibration and validation and scalability all become very acute problems. Perhaps the biggest problem is the need to incorporate the knowledge of diverse disciplines to create a useful biological model. This talk outlines the issues and discusses Physiome's technologies for incorporating knowledge and data from diverse sources and modeling scales.

Short Bio:

Scott works with the product planning group at Physiome Sciences. He is responsible for research and development of new software and modeling technologies, and advises the top levels of the company on business & technical strategies, including many aspects of Physiome's PathwayPrismTM and Cell EditorTM modeling environments. Before joining Physiome Sciences three years ago, he worked for many years in high performance scientific computing, modeling and visualization in the petroleum and spacecraft industries.