Efficient and Detailed Simulations of Turbulent Flows using MPI.


    Prof. Pino Martin -- Princeton University
                         Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


In this seminar I will present recent developments in numerical methods and subgrid-scale models for the accurate and detailed simulation of turbulent compressible flows. The numerical methods that will be discussed have not been developed by the speaker but rather by her colleagues Prof. Candler, University of Minnesota; Dr. Weirs, ASCI FLASH Center in Chicago, and Dr. Wright, NASA Ames Research Center, Eloret. Brief details about the implementation of the flow solver using MPI will be discussed. Advanced subgrid-scale models for the large-eddy simulation of compressible turbulence will also be presented. The issues associated with the analysis and data mining of the resulting large data sets will be described. Finally, the on- going development and necessity of an efficient and modular implementation of the numerical methods and turbulent models will be introduced.