Engineering the DISCOVER Computational Collaboratory.

Prof. Manish Parashar -- Rutgers University
                         Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Computational Collaboratories are virtual collaborative "meta-laboratories" that provide uniform access to, and interactions with, geographically distributed applications, services, instruments, data archives, and resources using pervasive computational portals. Their overall goal is to enable scientists and researchers to work together to solve complex interdisciplinary problems, despite geographic and organizational boundaries. The emergence of the Grid and the potential for seamless aggregation, integration and interactions has enabled advanced collaboratories and exposed the potential of truly global scientific investigation where application components, grid services, resources (systems, CPUs, instruments, storage) and data (archives, sensors) can interact as peers. In this talk I will report on the design, development and deployment of the DISCOVER computational collaboratory. DISCOVER provides programming support, middleware services and tools for building autonomic, interactive and collaborative applications on the Grid.