Next Generation Scientific Workflows: A case study.

Speaker: Professor Mladen A. Vouk, Computer Science, and Associate Vice-Provost for Information Technology, North Carolina State University

Title: Next Generation Scientific Workflows: A case study.

Abstract: North Carolina State University Scientific Process Automation team is part of the DOE Scientific Data Management project. It is using workflow technology to automate repetitive (possibly distributed) data management and processing tasks, freeing up scientists to concentrate on scientific discovery and analysis. This presentation will focus on the Terascale Supernova Initiative astrophysics workflows of the NC State researchers who, along with ORNL researchers, are simulating the death of a massive star leading to a supernova explosion. Of particular domain interest is the dynamics of the shock wave generated by the initial implosion of the star which ultimately destroys the star as a highly energetic supernova. The workflows use large-scale computing and storage engines distributed between ORNL and NC State, and include computational, data "slicing and dicing"and visualizaton activities. We will demo that solution, relate it to some other workflow solutions we have constructed, and finally discuss how we can help PPPL scientists in automating their scientific discovery workflows. (See ITD)

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