Java Helper Application

In a Linux OS:
Create an executable shell script file named runjar containing:

/usr/bin/java -jar $1
If java is not in /usr/bin then change /usr/bin to the full path to the java executable.  This shell script is the helper application.

A.  In Mozilla browsers, go to Edit-->Preferences.  Under Navigator, click on Helper Applications.  Add a New Type.

MIME Type:  jar
Description:   Java jar archive
Extension:      jar

In the text field for Open it with, enter runjar with its full path, such as /u/efeibush/bin/runjar.

Be aware that this will try to run any jar file that you click on.

B.  Firefox

Click on Run ElVis and Firefox will bring up a dialog box.  Select runjar as the program to open this type of file.  Then check the box for always of this type.  It will be listed in Edit-->Preferences under the Content tab when you click on Manage... in the File Types section.

If the helper application is not working, you can download and save the jar file to your computer.  Then run it from a command line:  
        java -jar elviscdf.jar

Windows and Mac OS can recognize jar files as executable programs.  Double click on the icon for the jar file to run it.