ElVis Launcher

The ElVis launcher is a helper application to handle installing and running ElVis. Think of it as a desktop shortcut:  

1.  Checks for  Java version 1.8 on your computer.

2.  Downloads & installs ElVis.

3.  Checks for new versions of ElVis.

4.  Runs ElVis with more memory.

Download it here for Mac and Linux!
Mac:  Double click on ElVisLauncher.jar to get started.

Linux:  From a command line, enter:  java -jar ElVisLauncher.jar

... or, if you're using Internet Explorer on Windows, download the launcher in a zip file here.
Then extract ElVisLauncher.jar from the zip file and double click on it to run it.

This first time you run the launcher it will create an Elvis folder in your home folder.  The launcher will install the software and run ElVis.  Whenever you want to run ElVis again, just double click on ElVisLauncher.jar and it will run ElVis with the additional memory you specified. 

Files in the Elvis directory:
    settings.props - ElVis stores some of your most recent settings for some operations in this file.
    statuslog_N where N varies from 0 to 9 - Some session and debugging information is stored in this file.  A new file is written each time you exit.  The file numbers are recycled so you can have log files for the last 10 times that you ran the program.
    xml - template files that accompany netcdf files that have been downloaded from URLs.
    data directory - netcdf files that have been downloaded from URLs.

ElVis Module

Users within PPPL can run ElVis directly on the portal cluster or in a NoMachine nx client connected to nx.pppl.gov.  An elvis module is available for setting up your environment.  Log in to portal and from the command line, enter:

module load elvis

This will run the latest version of ElVis.