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Chapter 10: Getting the latest CC Mode release

CC Mode is now standard with the latest versions of Emacs 19 and XEmacs 19. It is also the standard for Emacs 20 and XEmacs 20. You would typically just use the version that comes with your X/Emacs. These may be slightly out of date due to release schedule skew, so you should always check the canonical site for the latest version.

    World Wide Web:

    Anonymous FTP:

There are many files under these directories; you can pick up the entire distribution (named cc-mode.tar.gz; a gzip'd tar file), or any of the individual files, including PostScript documentation.

If you do not have World Wide Web, or anonymous ftp access, you can get the distribution through an anonymous ftp-to-mail gateway, such as the one run by DEC at:

To get CC Mode via email, send the following message in the body of your mail to that address:

reply <a valid net address back to you>
chdir pub/emacs
get cc-mode.tar.gz

or just send the message "help" for more information on ftpmail. Response times will vary with the number of requests in the queue. I am in no way connected to this service, so I make no claims or guarantees about its availability!

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