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Chapter 1: Common Lisp Extensions

This document describes a set of Emacs Lisp facilities borrowed from Common Lisp. All the facilities are described here in detail. While this document does not assume any prior knowledge of Common Lisp, it does assume a basic familiarity with Emacs Lisp.

  • Overview Installation, usage, etc.
  • Program Structure Arglists, `eval-when', `defalias'
  • Predicates `typep', `eql', and `equalp'
  • Control Structure `setf', `when', `do', `loop', etc.
  • Macros Destructuring, `define-compiler-macro'
  • Declarations `proclaim', `declare', etc.
  • Symbols Property lists, `gensym'
  • Numbers Predicates, functions, random numbers
  • Sequences Mapping, functions, searching, sorting
  • Lists `cadr', `sublis', `member*', `assoc*', etc.
  • Hash Tables `make-hash-table', `gethash', etc.
  • Structures `defstruct'
  • Assertions `check-type', `assert', `ignore-errors'.

  • Efficiency Concerns Hints and techniques
  • Common Lisp Compatibility All known differences with Steele
  • Old CL Compatibility All known differences with old cl.el
  • Porting Common Lisp Hints for porting Common Lisp code

  • Function Index
  • Variable Index
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