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This info manual describes how to use and administer CVS version 1.10.

  • Overview An introduction to CVS
  • Repository Where all your sources are stored
  • Starting a new project Starting a project with CVS
  • Revisions Numeric and symbolic names for revisions
  • Branching and merging Diverging/rejoining branches of development
  • Recursive behavior CVS descends directories
  • Adding and removing Adding/removing/renaming files/directories
  • History browsing Viewing the history of files in various ways

    CVS and the Real World. -----------------------

  • Binary files CVS can handle binary files
  • Multiple developers How CVS helps a group of developers
  • Revision management Policy questions for revision management
  • Keyword substitution CVS can include the revision inside the file
  • Tracking sources Tracking third-party sources
  • Builds Issues related to CVS and builds
  • Special Files Devices, links and other non-regular files

    References. -----------

  • CVS commands CVS commands share some things
  • Invoking CVS Quick reference to CVS commands
  • Administrative files Reference manual for the Administrative files
  • Environment variables All environment variables which affect CVS
  • Compatibility Upgrading CVS versions
  • Troubleshooting Some tips when nothing works
  • Credits Some of the contributors to this manual
  • BUGS Dealing with bugs in CVS or this manual
  • Index Index
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