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12.1: Keyword List

This is a list of the keywords:


The login name of the user who checked in the revision.


The date and time (UTC) the revision was checked in.


A standard header containing the full pathname of the RCS file, the revision number, the date (UTC), the author, the state, and the locker (if locked). Files will normally never be locked when you use CVS.


Same as $Header$, except that the RCS filename is without a path.


Tag name used to check out this file.


The login name of the user who locked the revision (empty if not locked, and thus almost always useless when you are using CVS).


The log message supplied during commit, preceded by a header containing the RCS filename, the revision number, the author, and the date (UTC). Existing log messages are not replaced. Instead, the new log message is inserted after $Log:...$. Each new line is prefixed with the same string which precedes the $Log keyword. For example, if the file contains

  /* Here is what people have been up to:
   * $Log: frob.c,v $
   * Revision 1.1  1997/01/03 14:23:51  joe
   * Add the superfrobnicate option

then additional lines which are added when expanding the $Log keyword will be preceded by ` * '. Unlike previous versions of CVS and RCS, the comment leader from the RCS file is not used. The $Log keyword is useful for accumulating a complete change log in a source file, but for several reasons it can be problematic. See Log keyword.


The name of the RCS file without a path.


The revision number assigned to the revision.


The full pathname of the RCS file.


The state assigned to the revision. States can be assigned with cvs admin -s---see admin options.

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