CVS---Concurrent Versions System. Node: Remote repositories

PREVMoving a repository UPRepository NEXTRead-only access

2.9: Remote repositories

Your working copy of the sources can be on a different machine than the repository. Using CVS in this manner is known as client/server operation. You run CVS on a machine which can mount your working directory, known as the client, and tell it to communicate to a machine which can mount the repository, known as the server. Generally, using a remote repository is just like using a local one, except that the format of the repository name is:


The details of exactly what needs to be set up depend on how you are connecting to the server.

If method is not specified, and the repository name contains `:', then the default is ext or server, depending on your platform; both are described in Connecting via rsh.

  • Server requirements Memory and other resources for servers
  • Connecting via rsh Using the rsh program to connect
  • Password authenticated Direct connections using passwords
  • GSSAPI authenticated Direct connections using GSSAPI
  • Kerberos authenticated Direct connections with kerberos
  • PREVMoving a repository UPRepository NEXTRead-only access