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10.6.1: Telling CVS to watch certain files

To enable the watch features, you first specify that certain files are to be watched.

Command: {cvs watch on} [-lR] files ...

Specify that developers should run cvs edit before editing files. CVS will create working copies of files read-only, to remind developers to run the cvs edit command before working on them.

If files includes the name of a directory, CVS arranges to watch all files added to the corresponding repository directory, and sets a default for files added in the future; this allows the user to set notification policies on a per-directory basis. The contents of the directory are processed recursively, unless the -l option is given. The -R option can be used to force recursion if the -l option is set in `~/.cvsrc' (see ~/.cvsrc).

If files is omitted, it defaults to the current directory.

Command: {cvs watch off} [-lR] files ...

Do not provide notification about work on files. CVS will create working copies of files read-write.

The files and options are processed as for cvs watch on.

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