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8.4: Annotate command

Command: {cvs annotate} [-flR] [-r rev|-D date] files ...

For each file in files, print the head revision of the trunk, together with information on the last modification for each line. For example:

$ cvs annotate ssfile
Annotations for ssfile
1.1          (mary     27-Mar-96): ssfile line 1
1.2          (joe      28-Mar-96): ssfile line 2

The file `ssfile' currently contains two lines. The ssfile line 1 line was checked in by mary on March 27. Then, on March 28, joe added a line ssfile line 2, without modifying the ssfile line 1 line. This report doesn't tell you anything about lines which have been deleted or replaced; you need to use cvs diff for that (see diff).

The options to cvs annotate are listed in Invoking CVS, and can be used to select the files and revisions to annotate. The options are described in more detail in Common options.

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