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A.9.1: diff options

These standard options are supported by diff (see Common options, for a complete description of them):

-D date

Use the most recent revision no later than date. See `-r' for how this affects the comparison.

-k kflag

Process keywords according to kflag. See Keyword substitution.


Local; run only in current working directory.


Examine directories recursively. This option is on by default.

-r tag

Compare with revision tag. Zero, one or two `-r' options can be present. With no `-r' option, the working file will be compared with the revision it was based on. With one `-r', that revision will be compared to your current working file. With two `-r' options those two revisions will be compared (and your working file will not affect the outcome in any way).

One or both `-r' options can be replaced by a `-D date' option, described above.

The following options specify the format of the output. They have the same meaning as in GNU diff.

-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
  -C nlines
-e --ed
-t --expand-tabs
-f --forward-ed
-w --ignore-all-space
-B --ignore-blank-lines
-i --ignore-case
-I regexp
-b --ignore-space-change
-T --initial-tab
-L label
-d --minimal
-N --new-file
-n --rcs
-s --report-identical-files
-y --side-by-side
-F regexp
-H --speed-large-files
-a --text
  -U nlines
-V arg
-W columns
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