GNU Emacs Manual. Node: Key Bindings

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28.4: Customizing Key Bindings

This section describes key bindings, which map keys to commands, and keymaps, which record key bindings. It also explains how to customize key bindings.

Recall that a command is a Lisp function whose definition provides for interactive use. Like every Lisp function, a command has a function name which usually consists of lower-case letters and hyphens.

  • Keymaps Generalities. The global keymap.
  • Prefix Keymaps Keymaps for prefix keys.
  • Local Keymaps Major and minor modes have their own keymaps.
  • Minibuffer Maps The minibuffer uses its own local keymaps.
  • Rebinding How to redefine one key's meaning conveniently.
  • Init Rebinding Rebinding keys with your init file, `.emacs'.
  • Function Keys Rebinding terminal function keys.
  • Named ASCII Chars Distinguishing TAB from C-i, and so on.
  • Non-ASCII Rebinding Rebinding non-ASCII characters such as Latin-1.
  • Mouse Buttons Rebinding mouse buttons in Emacs.
  • Disabling Disabling a command means confirmation is required before it can be executed. This is done to protect beginners from surprises.
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