GNU Emacs Manual. Node: Mail Mode

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24.4: Mail Mode

The major mode used in the mail buffer is Mail mode, which is much like Text mode except that various special commands are provided on the C-c prefix. These commands all have to do specifically with editing or sending the message. In addition, Mail mode defines the character `%' as a word separator; this is helpful for using the word commands to edit mail addresses.

Mail mode is normally used in buffers set up automatically by the mail command and related commands. However, you can also switch to Mail mode in a file-visiting buffer. That is a useful thing to do if you have saved draft message text in a file.

  • Mail Sending Commands to send the message.
  • Header Editing Commands to move to header fields and edit them.
  • Citing Mail Copying all or part of a message you are replying to.
  • Mail Mode Misc Spell checking, signatures, etc.
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