GNU Emacs Manual. Node: Registers

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Chapter 8: Registers

Emacs registers are places you can save text or positions for later use. Once you save text or a rectangle in a register, you can copy it into the buffer once or many times; you can move point to a position saved in a register once or many times.

Each register has a name which is a single character. A register can store a piece of text, a rectangle, a position, a window configuration, or a file name, but only one thing at any given time. Whatever you store in a register remains there until you store something else in that register. To see what a register r contains, use M-x view-register.

M-x view-register RET r

Display a description of what register r contains.

  • Position Saving positions in registers.
  • Text Saving text in registers.
  • Rectangle Saving rectangles in registers.
  • Configurations Saving window configurations in registers.
  • Files File names in registers.
  • Numbers Numbers in registers.
  • Bookmarks Bookmarks are like registers, but persistent.
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