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3.17.3: Article Hiding

Or rather, hiding certain things in each article. There usually is much too much cruft in most articles.

W W a

Do quite a lot of hiding on the article buffer (gnus-article-hide). In particular, this function will hide headers, PGP, cited text and the signature.

W W h

Hide headers (gnus-article-hide-headers). See Hiding Headers.

W W b

Hide headers that aren't particularly interesting (gnus-article-hide-boring-headers). See Hiding Headers.

W W s

Hide signature (gnus-article-hide-signature). See Article Signature.

W W p

Hide PGP signatures (gnus-article-hide-pgp). The gnus-article-hide-pgp-hook hook will be run after a PGP signature has been hidden.


Hide PEM (privacy enhanced messages) cruft (gnus-article-hide-pem).

W W c

Hide citation (gnus-article-hide-citation). Some variables for customizing the hiding:


Gnus adds buttons to show where the cited text has been hidden, and to allow toggle hiding the text. The format of the variable is specified by these format-like variable (see Formatting Variables). These specs are valid:


Starting point of the hidden text.

`e' Ending point of the hidden text.
`l' Number of characters in the hidden region.
`n' Number of lines of hidden text.


The number of lines at the beginning of the cited text to leave shown.

W W C-c

Hide citation (gnus-article-hide-citation-maybe) depending on the following two variables:


If the cited text is of a bigger percentage than this variable (default 50), hide the cited text.


The cited text must have at least this length (default 10) before it is hidden.


Hide cited text in articles that aren't roots (gnus-article-hide-citation-in-followups). This isn't very useful as an interactive command, but might be a handy function to stick in gnus-article-display-hook (see Customizing Articles).

All these ``hiding'' commands are toggles, but if you give a negative prefix to these commands, they will show what they have previously hidden. If you give a positive prefix, they will always hide.

Also see Article Highlighting for further variables for citation customization.

See Customizing Articles, for how to hide article elements automatically.

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