Gnus Manual. Node: Conformity

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10.1.3: Conformity

No rebels without a clue here, ma'am. We conform to all standards known to (wo)man. Except for those standards and/or conventions we disagree with, of course.

RFC 822

There are no known breaches of this standard.

RFC 1036

There are no known breaches of this standard, either.

Son-of-RFC 1036

We do have some breaches to this one.


Gnus does no MIME handling, and this standard-to-be seems to think that MIME is the bees' knees, so we have major breakage here.


This is considered to be a ``vanity header'', while I consider it to be consumer information. After seeing so many badly formatted articles coming from tin and Netscape I know not to use either of those for posting articles. I would not have known that if it wasn't for the X-Newsreader header.

If you ever notice Gnus acting non-compliant with regards to the texts mentioned above, don't hesitate to drop a note to Gnus Towers and let us know.

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