Gnus Manual. Node: Getting Mail

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6.3: Getting Mail

Reading mail with a newsreader---isn't that just plain WeIrD? But of course.

  • Getting Started Reading Mail A simple cookbook example.
  • Splitting Mail How to create mail groups.
  • Mail Backend Variables Variables for customizing mail handling.
  • Fancy Mail Splitting Gnus can do hairy splitting of incoming mail.
  • Mail and Procmail Reading mail groups that procmail create.
  • Incorporating Old Mail What about the old mail you have?
  • Expiring Mail Getting rid of unwanted mail.
  • Washing Mail Removing gruft from the mail you get.
  • Duplicates Dealing with duplicated mail.
  • Not Reading Mail Using mail backends for reading other files.
  • Choosing a Mail Backend Gnus can read a variety of mail formats.
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