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4.5: Misc Article


If non-nil, use the same article buffer for all the groups. (This is the default.) If nil, each group will have its own article buffer.


This hook is called right after the article has been inserted into the article buffer. It is mainly intended for functions that do something depending on the contents; it should probably not be used for changing the contents of the article buffer.


This hook is called as the last thing when displaying an article, and is intended for modifying the contents of the buffer, doing highlights, hiding headers, and the like.


Hook called in article mode buffers.


Syntax table used in article buffers. It is initialized from text-mode-syntax-table.


This variable is a format string along the same lines as gnus-summary-mode-line-format (see Mode Line Formatting). It accepts the same format specifications as that variable, with one extension:


The wash status of the article. This is a short string with one character for each possible article wash operation that may have been performed.


Controls whether page breaking is to take place. If this variable is non-nil, the articles will be divided into pages whenever a page delimiter appears in the article. If this variable is nil, paging will not be done.


This is the delimiter mentioned above. By default, it is `^L' (formfeed).

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