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3.7.2: Read Articles

All the following marks mark articles as read.


These are articles that the user has marked as read with the d command manually, more or less (gnus-del-mark).


Articles that have actually been read (gnus-read-mark).


Articles that were marked as read in previous sessions and are now old (gnus-ancient-mark).


Marked as killed (gnus-killed-mark).


Marked as killed by kill files (gnus-kill-file-mark).


Marked as read by having too low a score (gnus-low-score-mark).


Marked as read by a catchup (gnus-catchup-mark).


Canceled article (gnus-canceled-mark)


SOUPed article (gnus-souped-mark). See SOUP.


Sparsely reffed article (gnus-sparse-mark). See Customizing Threading.


Article marked as read by duplicate suppression (gnus-duplicated-mark). See Duplicate Suppression.

All these marks just mean that the article is marked as read, really. They are interpreted differently when doing adaptive scoring, though.

One more special mark, though:


Marked as expirable (gnus-expirable-mark).

Marking articles as expirable (or have them marked as such automatically) doesn't make much sense in normal groups---a user doesn't control expiring of news articles, but in mail groups, for instance, articles marked as expirable can be deleted by Gnus at any time.

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