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3.24.4: Really Various Summary Commands


If the current article is a collection of other articles (for instance, a digest), you might use this command to enter a group based on the that article (gnus-summary-enter-digest-group). Gnus will try to guess what article type is currently displayed unless you give a prefix to this command, which forces a ``digest'' interpretation. Basically, whenever you see a message that is a collection of other messages of some format, you C-d and read these messages in a more convenient fashion.


This command is very similar to the one above, but lets you gather several documents into one biiig group (gnus-summary-read-document). It does this by opening several nndoc groups for each document, and then opening an nnvirtual group on top of these nndoc groups. This command understands the process/prefix convention (see Process/Prefix).


Toggle truncation of summary lines (gnus-summary-toggle-truncation). This will probably confuse the line centering function in the summary buffer, so it's not a good idea to have truncation switched off while reading articles.


Expand the summary buffer window (gnus-summary-expand-window). If given a prefix, force an article window configuration.


Edit the group parameters (see Group Parameters) of the current group (gnus-summary-edit-parameters).

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