Gnus Manual. Node: Starting Up

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Chapter 1: Starting Gnus

If your system administrator has set things up properly, starting Gnus and reading news is extremely easy---you just type M-x gnus in your Emacs.

If you want to start Gnus in a different frame, you can use the command M-x gnus-other-frame instead.

If things do not go smoothly at startup, you have to twiddle some variables in your `~/.gnus' file. This file is similar to `~/.emacs', but is read when gnus starts.

If you puzzle at any terms used in this manual, please refer to the terminology section (see Terminology).

  • Finding the News Choosing a method for getting news.
  • The First Time What does Gnus do the first time you start it?
  • The Server is Down How can I read my mail then?
  • Slave Gnusae You can have more than one Gnus active at a time.
  • Fetching a Group Starting Gnus just to read a group.
  • New Groups What is Gnus supposed to do with new groups?
  • Startup Files Those pesky startup files---`.newsrc'.
  • Auto Save Recovering from a crash.
  • The Active File Reading the active file over a slow line Takes Time.
  • Changing Servers You may want to move from one server to another.
  • Startup Variables Other variables you might change.
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