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2.16.4: Topic Topology

So, let's have a look at an example group buffer:

  Emacs -- I wuw it!
     3: comp.emacs
     2: alt.religion.emacs
    Naughty Emacs
     8: comp.binaries.fractals
    13: comp.sources.unix

So, here we have one top-level topic (`Gnus'), two topics under that, and one sub-topic under one of the sub-topics. (There is always just one (1) top-level topic). This topology can be expressed as follows:

(("Gnus" visible)
 (("Emacs -- I wuw it!" visible)
  (("Naughty Emacs" visible)))
 (("Misc" visible)))

This is in fact how the variable gnus-topic-topology would look for the display above. That variable is saved in the `.newsrc.eld' file, and shouldn't be messed with manually---unless you really want to. Since this variable is read from the `.newsrc.eld' file, setting it in any other startup files will have no effect.

This topology shows what topics are sub-topics of what topics (right), and which topics are visible. Two settings are currently allowed---visible and invisible.

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