Gnus Manual. Node: Using GroupLens

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7.14.1: Using GroupLens

To use GroupLens you must register a pseudonym with your local Better Bit Bureau (BBB). `' is the only better bit in town at the moment.

Once you have registered you'll need to set a couple of variables.


Setting this variable to a non-nil value will make Gnus hook into all the relevant GroupLens functions.


This variable should be set to the pseudonym you got when registering with the Better Bit Bureau.


A list of groups that you want to get GroupLens predictions for.

That's the minimum of what you need to get up and running with GroupLens. Once you've registered, GroupLens will start giving you scores for articles based on the average of what other people think. But, to get the real benefit of GroupLens you need to start rating articles yourself. Then the scores GroupLens gives you will be personalized for you, based on how the people you usually agree with have already rated.

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