Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Addresses

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E-Mail Addresses

All the UNIX cluster machines at PPPL use an address of the form (, and, etc., also work, but shouldn't be used.)

All the VAXes, on the other hand, use an address of the form Again, also work but shouldn't normally be used.

The official PPPL forwarding machine is, which should be added as a suffix to every e-mail address to PPPL sent from off-campus. Usually, an address of simply is enough for the fowarding machine to find the addressee. Aliases for this machine include,, and

Within PPPL, the extension is optional. Thus, karney@vaxmail, and karney@ppl are sufficient. On the UNIX cluster machines is also optional.

Finally, if you would like to mail off-campus, more information about Internet naming systems can be found in Section 7.4 [Internet Domain Name System] of the report, `Data Communications and Networking at PPPL' (by Jim Snyder). To find out more about sending and reading mail, see User-User Comm.

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