Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Dviselect/Spell

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8.5: Dviselect and Spell Checking

dviselect is a command that can be used to extract pages from a DVI file, creating a new DVI file. This allows you to print only selected pages of your document---useful when checking sections of a newly edited source file for bugs. For example,

        [lyman|17] dviselect intro.dvi 38-40 | lpr -d

would select pages 38, 39, and 40 of the file `intro.dvi' and pipe them to the default line printer for printing. Note that the option d must still be used to print a DVI file not yet converted to PostScript. By also specifying an output file, the smaller DVI file can also be retained separately. See man dviselect for more information.

The best spell-checking utility to use for TeX and LaTeX files is probably Emacs Ispell. The commands are:

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