Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Mac


Accessing from a Mac

In order to access your files on the Suns from a Macintosh without using FTP, you must first have certain directories and files set up on the Sun:

  1. Create the directory `~/mac' using mkdir ~/mac.
  2. Switch to that directory using cd ~/mac.
  3. Create two subdirectories within it: @example mkdir .finderinfo mkdir .resource @end example
  4. Edit the file `~/.afpvols' to include ~/mac:lyman (username) (create the file using Emacs, if necessary).
Any files stored in the `~/mac' directory will be accessible to both the Macs and the Suns. Note, however, that the files must be compatible with Mac applications in order for them to be of any use (i.e. PostScript files).

Once you have everything set up, it's simple to access your Sun files from the Mac:

  1. Drag down the `apple' menu and select Chooser.
  2. Select AppleShare.
  3. Select PPL-ENET PH2 for the AppleTalk Zone.
  4. Select Theory in the FileServer box. Click on `O.K.'
  5. Login to the Suns as a registered user.
  6. Close the Chooser.
You will now have access to your `~/mac' files on the Suns. There should be an icon containing your username on it at the lower right---click on it and a window will open that will contain your files. (For more information, see the man pages for `Apple-UNIX FileServer,' man AUFS.) PREV RCP UP FileOps NEXT NFS/Emacs