Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: NFS

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The Network File System

Your home directory (and files) on the Suns are stored on physical disks (your home disk), referred to as `/user1', `/user2', etc. So that you don't have to worry about which physical disk your directory is located on, the disks are `mounted'---in other words, when you log in, the computer takes care of locating your home directory whether the physical disk is on Lyman, Tom, Orion, etc.

On any UNIX system, your home directory on your home disk can be referred to in any of three ways: as /u/username, as ~username, and as $HOME. If you are working in csh or tcsh (see Shells), you can also refer to your home directory as simply ~.

If there is ever a need to find out exactly which disk is your home disk, type ypmatch username auto.home. To find out your uid/gid (NERSC group ID), type ypmatch username passwd. Your password will also appear in encrypted form.

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