Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: News

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2.8: Reading News Using rn

rn is an interactive news read program. To read news simply type rn at the UNIX prompt. If no newsgroups are specified, all the newsgroups which has unread news are displayed, and then the user is asked for each one whether he wants to read.

rn operates on three levels: the newsgroup selection level, the article selection level, and the paging level. Each level has its own set of commands, and its own help menu. At the paging level (the bottom level), rn behaves much like the more program. At the article selection level, you may specify which article you want next, or read them in the default order. At the newsgroup selection level (the top level), you may specify which newsgroup you want next, or read them in the default order.

There are many commands in each level of rn. However, with a few simple commands like n, p, ?pattern, =, SPC and q, you can browse through the newsgroups easily. For more information, read the man pages of rn.

Another way to read news is using Emacs. We will describe it in the chapter on GNU Emacs.

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