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LaTeX Styles and Style Options

One of the advantages of LaTeX is the existence of macros, preset codes that can be called in LaTeX commands to produce a specified output format. In the directory `/usr/local/lib/tex/inputs' exists numerous files followed by the extension `.sty'---these are style files. Styles and style options allow you to print articles that match specific journal requirements, include equations, print Greek letters, etc.

Some LaTeX styles and style options include:

Many other styles and options are also available, common ones being PPPLletter/PPPLmemo, abstract, revtex, and the options aps and osa. Be sure to see the `/usr/local/lib/tex/inputs' directory and the `Styles' topic on the VAXes with the command help latex.

There are also several options for special PostScript fonts:


The style option psgreek must be used in order get uppercase Greek letters to come out properly. The styles and style otions are contained in the first line of the LaTeX file, i.e. \documentstyle[equations, aps, 12pt]{article}. Note that NONE of these special effects can be previewed with xdvi---the file must be first converted to PostScript and previewed with ghostview. See also `/usr/local/doc/tex/' for more information on special fonts.

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