Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: XVMS

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X Clients under VMS

From one of the Suns, the quick way of getting a separate window into one of the VAXes is to type, for example, xvms hax. You'll need Lena Scimeca to set up proxy access for you on the VAX cluster for xvms to work. Eventually this will pop up a window to HAX---you won't have to give your username or password and when you start up additional X clients, they'll already know where to display. Another method is to type xrlogin hax & at the UNIX prompt, and then something like

   HAX$ set display/create/node=thx40/transp=tcpip   

to tell HAX where to display its output (in this case terminal thx40).

There are relatively few X clients available to the VAXes; those important few being emacs, xterm, xdvi, and a clock. There is also `term', a DEC window. However, running just about any client on the VAXes tends to be painfully slow. The procedures for starting the clients are as follows:

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