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1.1: Prerequisites

Mailcrypt requires version 19 or higher of GNU Emacs. Mailcrypt has been tested on a variety of systems under both FSF Emacs and XEmacs.

Mailcrypt requires Pretty Good (tm) Privacy, usually known as PGP. This document assumes that you have already obtained and installed PGP and that you are familiar with its basic functions. The best way to become familiar with these functions is to read the PGP User's Guide, at least Volume I.

For more information on obtaining and installing PGP, refer to the MIT PGP home page at `'.

Although Mailcrypt may be used to process data in arbitrary Emacs buffers, it is most useful in conjunction with other Emacs packages for handling mail and news. Mailcrypt has specialized support for Rmail (see Rmail), VM (see VM), MH-E, and Gnus (see Gnus). Information on the general use of these packages is beyond the scope of this manual.

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