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3.5: Pseudonyms

Mailcrypt supports pseudonyms. Type C-c / p in an outgoing message buffer and you will be prompted for a pseudonym to use. Your pseudonym will show up in the `From' line that the recipient sees. Your pseudonym may either be a complete `From' line (including an Email address), or just a full name (with no Email address). In the latter case, the Email address will automatically be set to <x@x.x>, an invalid address designed to prevent sendmail from going rewrite-happy.

If you have one or more pseudonyms which you normally use, and you aren't afraid of revealing them if your account is compromised, you can set up a default list of pseudonyms with lines like the following in your `.emacs' file:

(setq mc-remailer-pseudonyms
      '("Elvis Presley" "Vanna White" "Charles Manson"))

Then those names will be available for completion when you are prompted for your pseudonym.

You should insert your pseudonym before you insert a response block, so that the response block will contain the `From' line as well as the `To' line. That way you can tell who you were pretending to be when you get a reply to your message.

Note: Many remailers do not support pseudonyms. In addition, the Levien format does not (yet) indicate which do and which do not, so Mailcrypt can't warn you when your pseudonym isn't going to work. The only way to be sure is to send yourself a test message, and to try different remailers until you find one or more which work. On the bright side, only the last remailer in the chain needs to provide such support; none of the others matter.

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