Message 5.7 Manual. Node: Header Commands

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2.1: Header Commands

All these commands move to the header in question. If it doesn't exist, it will be inserted.

C-c ?

Describe the message mode.

C-c C-f C-t

Go to the To header (message-goto-to).

C-c C-f C-b

Go to the Bcc header (message-goto-bcc).

C-c C-f C-f

Go to the Fcc header (message-goto-fcc).

C-c C-f C-c

Go to the Cc header (message-goto-cc).

C-c C-f C-s

Go to the Subject header (message-goto-subject).

C-c C-f C-r

Go to the Reply-To header (message-goto-reply-to).

C-c C-f C-n

Go to the Newsgroups header (message-goto-newsgroups).

C-c C-f C-d

Go to the Distribution header (message-goto-distribution).

C-c C-f C-o

Go to the Followup-To header (message-goto-followup-to).

C-c C-f C-k

Go to the Keywords header (message-goto-keywords).

C-c C-f C-u

Go to the Summary header (message-goto-summary).

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