Message 5.7 Manual. Node: Interface

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Chapter 1: Interface

When a program (or a person) wants to respond to a message -- reply, follow up, forward, cancel -- the program (or person) should just put point in the buffer where the message is and call the required command. Message will then pop up a new message mode buffer with appropriate headers filled out, and the user can edit the message before sending it.

  • New Mail Message Editing a brand new mail message.
  • New News Message Editing a brand new news message.
  • Reply Replying via mail.
  • Wide Reply Responding to all people via mail.
  • Followup Following up via news.
  • Canceling News Canceling a news article.
  • Superseding Superseding a message.
  • Forwarding Forwarding a message via news or mail.
  • Resending Resending a mail message.
  • Bouncing Bouncing a mail message.
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