Message 5.7 Manual. Node: Mail Aliases

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2.6: Mail Aliases

The message-mail-alias-type variable controls what type of mail alias expansion to use. Currently only one form is supported---Message uses mailabbrev to handle mail aliases. If this variable is nil, no mail alias expansion will be performed.

mailabbrev works by parsing the `/etc/mailrc' and `~/.mailrc' files. These files look like:

alias lmi "Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>"
alias ding " (ding mailing list)"

After adding lines like this to your `~/.mailrc' file, you should be able to just write `lmi' in the To or Cc (and so on) headers and press SPC to expand the alias.

No expansion will be performed upon sending of the message---all expansions have to be done explicitly.

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