Message 5.7 Manual. Node: Message Headers

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3.1: Message Headers

Message is quite aggressive on the message generation front. It has to be -- it's a combined news and mail agent. To be able to send combined messages, it has to generate all headers itself (instead of letting the mail/news system do it) to ensure that mail and news copies of messages look sufficiently similar.


If non-nil, generate all headers before starting to compose the message.


Specifies how From headers should look. There are four valid values:


Just the address -- `'.


` (Elvis Parsley)'.


`Elvis Parsley <>'.


Look like angles if that doesn't require quoting, and parens if it does. If even parens requires quoting, use angles anyway.


Headers in this list that were previously generated by Message will be deleted before posting. Let's say you post an article. Then you decide to post it again to some other group, you naughty boy, so you jump back to the *post-buf* buffer, edit the Newsgroups line, and ship it off again. By default, this variable makes sure that the old generated Message-ID is deleted, and a new one generated. If this isn't done, the entire empire would probably crumble, anarchy would prevail, and cats would start walking on two legs and rule the world. Allegedly.


This string is inserted at the end of the headers in all message buffers.


Responses to messages have subjects that start with `Re: '. This is not an abbreviation of the English word ``response'', but in Latin, and means ``in response to''. Some illiterate nincompoops have failed to grasp this fact, and have ``internationalized'' their software to use abonimations like `Aw: ' (``antwort'') or `Sv: ' (``svar'') instead, which is meaningless and evil. However, you may have to deal with users that use these evil tools, in which case you may set this variable to a regexp that matches these prefixes. Myself, I just throw away non-compliant mail.

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