mh-e. Node: Getting mh-e

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A.4: Getting mh-e

If you're running a pre-4.0 version of mh-e, please consider upgrading. You can either have your system administrator upgrade your Emacs, or just the files for mh-e.

The MH distribution contains a copy of mh-e in `miscellany/mh-e'. Make sure it is at least Version 4.0.

The latest version of mh-e can be obtained via anonymous ftp from `'. The file containing mh-e is currently `/misc/mh-e/mh-e-5.0.2.tar.Z'. I suggest that you extract the files from `mh-e-5.0.2.tar.Z' in the following fashion:

% cd                                  # Start in your home directory
% mkdir lib lib/emacs                 # Create directory for mh-e
% cd lib/emacs
% zcat path/to/mh-e-5.0.2.tar.Z | tar xvf -    # Extract files

To use these new files, add the following to `~/.emacs':

(setq load-path (cons (expand-file-name "~/lib/emacs") load-path))

That's it! If you're already running Emacs, please quit that session and start again to load in the new mh-e. Check that you're running the new version with the command M-x mh-version after running any mh-e command. The distribution comes with a file called `MH-E-NEWS' so you can see what's new.

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