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1.3: Sending Mail

Let's start our tour by sending ourselves a message which we can later read and process. Enter M-x mh-smail to invoke the mh-e program to send messages. You will be prompted in the minibuffer by `To:'. Enter your login name. The next prompt is `cc:'. Hit RET to indicate that no carbon copies are to be sent. At the `Subject:' prompt, enter Test or anything else that comes to mind.

Once you've specified the recipients and subject, your message appears in an Emacs buffer whose mode [1] is MH-Letter. Enter some text in the body of the message, using normal Emacs commands. You should now have something like this: [2]

-----Emacs: *scratch* (Lisp Interaction)--All--------------------- To: wohler cc: Subject: Test -------- This is a test message to get the wheels churning...# --**-{draft} (MH-Letter)--All----------------------------------------

mh-e message composition window

Note the line of dashes that separates the header and the body of the message. It is essential that these dashes (or a blank line) are present or the body of your message will be considered to be part of the header.

There are several commands specific to MH-Letter mode, but at this time we'll only use C-c C-c to send your message. Type C-c C-c now. That's all there is to it!

[1] A mode changes Emacs to make it easier to edit a particular type of text.

[2] If you're running Emacs under the X Window System, then you would also see a menubar. I've left out the menubar in all of the example screens.

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