PPPL Unix Cluster

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1.5.1: Forwarding

Forwarding of mail is governed by a forward file. On traditional Unix systems, this is called `~/.forward'. However on the Unix Cluster, you should place your forwarding address in `/usr/mail/.forward/username'. This file should contain the complete E-mail address of where you want the E-mail sent. E.g.,

echo zarnstorff@vaxcluster.pppl.gov > /usr/mail/.forward/zarnstor

A partial verification of the forwarding is provided by finger

$ finger zarnstor@pppl.gov
Mail forwarded to zarnstorff@vaxcluster.pppl.gov.

However, you should also test it in case you've created a forwarding loop (where the mail is sent around in circles). Send yourself some mail and verify that it arrives OK.

If you want to stop the forwarding of mail, just delete `/usr/mail/.forward/username'.

If forwarding doesn't look like it's working, it may be that a system-supplied E-mail alias is over-riding it. Check with unixadmin@pppl.gov.

For more information see forward(4).

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