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Chapter 6: Printing

All Unix Cluster hosts are now running software that has some nice features:

  1. The printing software auto-recognizes many different file types:
    TeX dvi (no need for the -d flag)
    PostScript, PDF
    gif, jpg, ppm
    compressed (.gz or .Z)
    man pages (e.g., lpr /usr/man/man1/csh.1)

    (However, printing man pages with

    /usr/local/bin/man -t csh | lpr

    is probably better.)

  2. You can enable various features with
    lpr -C<feature1>,<feature2>

    Possible features are:

    duplex -- two-sided printing
    twoup -- print two pages/side
    tumble -- bind on short edge (implies duplex)
    tray0 or upper -- tray selection
    tray2 or lower
    manual -- manual feed
    high -- high resolution printing (e.g., for Color Epson printers)

    You can divide your consumption of paper by four with

    lpr -Ptheoryw -Ctumble,twoup -h FILE
  3. You can submit a job with lpr on machine A and remove it with lprm on machine B.
  4. You can print to printers on other systems with
    setenv PRINTER queue@remote-host


    lpr -Pqueue@remote-host

    The system administrator on remote-host may have to grant you permission to do this. (However, there's no need to set up a queue on our machines.)

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