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5.21: pgplot

Pgplot is a Graphics Subroutine Library. We are running version 5.2 which is installed on Solaris and OSF/1 machines in the Unix Cluster. The main WEB site for pgplot is http://astro.caltech.edu/~tjp/pgplot/. The users' manual is http://astro.caltech.edu/~tjp/pgplot/contents.html

To use pgplot, set

PGPLOT_DIR=/usr/local/pgplot export PGPLOT_DIR


setenv PGPLOT_DIR /usr/local/pgplot
setenv PGPLOT_DEV /xwin

depending on whether your shell understands sh or csh syntax. Setting PGPLOT_DEV is optional---it just provides the default device type.

C programs will need the header file

#include <cpgplot.h>

and will need to be compiled with


To link Fortran and C programs, use

-L$PGPLOT_DIR -lpgplot -lX11
-L$PGPLOT_DIR -lcpgplot -lX11


A summary of routines is available in https://w3.pppl.gov/misc/pgplot/pgplot.html (also available as a text version and as a hardcopy version).

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