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5.11: xbp Restoring files

The Netbackup Utility backups files on the Unix Cluster. User home directories and the scratch disk directories are amongst those backed up. Netbackup currently runs on the Solaris and on the Digital Unix systems.

Man pages describing the system are bp, xbp, bpbackup, bprestore, bparchive, and bplist.

xbp is used to restore backed up files. The following files give complete documenation.




To restore backed up files that were in your home directory:

  o Go to computer where home directory resides (now orion)

    % ssh orion

  o Change to the directory where the files were located.

    % cd ~/TestMDSplus/LRanderson_004

  o Invoke xbp

    % xbp -r &

  In xbp

    Choose File/Browse backups (restore)
    Choose Edit/Update Display 
    In files directory
      Highlight (click) files to restore -- Note archive date
    In Backup Images
      Highlight (control-click) 'Standard Class'  images to use for
      restore. Incr means incremental backup, Cinc means cumulative
      incremental backup, and Full means full backup.
    Choose Restore/Restore selected files and directories...
      Note the log filename.
      Highlist 'Overwrite existing files' if appropriate.
      Click on OK
    Select Restore/Report progress of restore...
      Enter name of Log file
      Click on Automatic Refresh
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